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Who Are We?

Kndos.com is a top-notch Financial and investment educational website to help the younger generation increase their financial literacy rate.

What do We do?

This blog website covers a wide range of investing-related topics such as Stock market news, Stock Price prediction, Investing, Personal Finance, banking Best Insurance plans, IPO, Stock Exchange, and how to make money online.

We are very excited to provide accurate, fast, and real-time updates to our users. Apart from this, we want our users to get some kind of knowledge from the website so that they are motivated to invest.

We only give our advice on all these topics, we are not responsible for any person’s financial loss.

About Founder

Hi, I am Jitendra Krishnan, Founder of Kndos.com. I started my blog to help people by sharing my nine years of knowledge (since 2015) and experience in the field of stocks and share markets. I am a young investment enthusiast with a passion for helping to invest newcomers to build wealth legally through this blog.

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I am Jitendra Krishnan, a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and graduate engineer. This is my hobby, and I love writing blogs and articles about blogging, affiliate marketing, web designing, etc. I have over seven years of experience in content writing.