AmazonBasics TV-All the Details

Together with Onida and Akai, Amazon has launched two TVs within its own subbrand AmazonBasics in 50 and 55-inch markets. Both these TVs fall under the Amazon Fire TV segment. And the pricing of both TVs is very competitive. But the question comes whether you should buy this TV or not. Through this post, we will give you complete information about AmazonBasics TV and will tell you such things that you have never heard.

Who manufactures this TV

The 50 and 55-inch edition of AmazonBasics Fire TV has been launched in the Indian market. But here a basic question arises, after all, who has made these TVs. Because Amazon is an e-commerce portal, it is not a manufacturer. We researched and found these TVs are made by Radiant Appliances, a Hyderabad based company. Radiant Appliances is a very big vendor that makes big electronics for other companies. A major stake in this company is that of Skyward, a Chinese company. Skywood is one of China’s largest appliance manufacturing companies. I would like to tell you that here you will see only 50 and 55 inches. It will not see 32 inch and 43-inch variants. Because Amazon has already collaborated with Onida and Akai for 32 inch and 43-inch televisions. But you can see 43 4K TV variants in the future.

Specifications of AmazonBasics TV

 Now we will talk about its specifications. So here you get a 4K display, with VA panel and DLED backlighting which has a standard reference rate of 60 Hz. But the company has not told anything about how much brightness is and how much contrast ratio is there. This TV is equipped with a quadcore processor which has clocked 1.95 GHz. With this, this TV has a Mali31 GPU processor. This TV also gives you 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Its most special thing is that this TV comes with the Amazon fire system operating system. And at the same time, all the popular OTT platforms and many more applications will be seen on this TV. On this TV you get to see a voice-enable remote. Because this TV is made by Amazon, you get Alexa support. You also get its wall mount stand and simply stand in the TV box. Its price is also very good, which is 35 thousand for 55 inches and about 30 thousand for 50 inches.

AmazonBasics tv

Buying Guide of Amazon TV

So the question comes whether we should buy this TV or not. To know the answer, we must first know the pros and cons of this TV.


Some things are great about this TV, one of them is the operating system of this TV. Today, Fire TV operating system is the number one operating system. It is a very good operating system, it is very smooth, and Alexa has also been integrated into it very well. You get to see all the OTT platforms and a lot of apps on this TV. This TV is less resource-hungry than Android TV.

On this TV you get a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Along with this, an additional warranty of one year is also available for its panel.

The third point that I like is that its competitive price is very cheap.


 Let’s talk about what I don’t like on this TV. That is, let’s talk about Cons. The most important thing is that although this TV claims that this TV supports Dolby Vision, but its graphic processing unit is almost under-valuing which has very poor performance. In addition, the company has not given any information about its brightness and contrast. So understand that the basic picture quality you get to see in other brands of television will not be seen on this TV. The second point that I did not like about this TV is its audio quality. This TV only provides 20 watts of audio. In the competition where we talk, all the TV brands like Nokia, Motorola, Hyssens, Toshiba, etc. are giving better audio quality. Some 32 votes, 50 watts, and some brands are also giving 60 and 100 watts of audio. This means that you are getting good audio quality in other brands in the same price range. The third thing when I have not liked this TV is its looks. Its looks are very old fashioned. Many people pay too much attention to looks.


In this price segment, you can buy TVs of brands like Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola, etc. TVs of all these brands are very good. In which you will get good sound quality and good brightness and contest. The major point that this TV has is its operating system. And you can bring all these systems to your TV too with the help of a Fire TV stick. You can put a fire TV stick on all the TVs and enjoy the fire TV.

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