Best Mixer Grinder in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best mixer grinder for your kitchen in India? Then you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will get all kinds of the necessary information about the mixer grinder.
After almost 50 hours of research, we have prepared for you a list of some of the best mixer grinders available in the Indian market. In this post, we will also discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
The mixer grinder has become perhaps the most common household appliance in modern times. You will find it in almost every Indian kitchen. A mixer grinder is used for grinding, piercing, grating, or chopping. Along with this, it also relieves you from the work of exhausting you.
We hope that this article written by us will help you in choosing the right mixer grinder to suit your needs and budget.

Sujata Dynamix 900-Watt Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix 900-Watt Mixer Grinder
  • Model No:  Sujata PP
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Product Dimension: 16.6 x 11.2 x 5.5 cm; 3.3 Kg
  • Includes – Main Unit + 1 Juicer attachment + 2 Jar (1 Blender jar & 1 Grinder jar)
  • Power: 900 Watt
  • Special Features – Its powerful 900-watt motor enables to perform heavy grinding tasks very smoothly. The double ball bearings ensure both efficiency and durability of its motor. It has a speed of 22000 rpm, which helps to perform tasks like chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing, juicing, and meat mincing very quickly. The Juicer comes with a unique honeycomb filter mesh for finer juice with a higher yield. It provides a shock-proof and safe operation. You can use it for long-running uses and place at home, hotels, cafes, juice parlors. The blades sharp, robust, and made from steel, perform hard grinding tasks very quickly and efficiently. 
  • Warranty – 2 years on product
  • Overall rating: 4.6/5

Preethi 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Color: Black
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Brand: Preethi
Voltage: 240 Volts
Item Dimensions: 32 x 63 x 32 CM
Wattage: 750 Watts
Item Weight: 8.49 Kilograms
Number of Speeds: 3

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder in India

You all must have heard the sound of running such a mixer in your house or from your neighbor’s house. Today, there is definitely a mixer grinder in everyone’s home. The days are gone when your grandmother, grandmother used to make amazing chutneys for you using traditional things. In today’s time, everyone wants to cook as quickly as possible because everyone is very busy in their life. It is very important to have a mixer grinder at home in this condition. In this post, I will tell you about such important things that you must see before buying a mixer grinder. With this, I will also tell you about the best mixer grinder in the market today.

Type of Mixer Grinder

There are three types of mixer grinders available in the market.

Stand Mixer: These mixers are not going to be seen in ordinary houses, they are very powerful mixers, you only get them in a bakery or factory.

Food Processor: Food processor or you can also call it an advanced mixer. They are also used for traditional things like kneading dough etc. This means that they are used for heavy work.
Traditional Mixer: This mixer is used in 99% of the households, in this post we will talk about these mixers.


The first thing you have to look at before buying a traditional mixer is the power of the mixer. The higher the power of the mixer, the better the mixer will be. One thing you must keep in mind here, the higher the power of the mixer, the more expensive the mixer is. But the more powerful your mixer is, the more things you will be able to do with your mixer. So here you have to keep a balance in power and price. If you want to use the mixer regularly, then you have to take a mixer with more power. But if you do not use your mixer too much, then a low power mixer will also be good for you. Ideally, a house should have a 600–750 watt mixer. But in the market, you also get 400-500 watts mixers.


You get about three types of speed in each brand of the mixer. Slow normal and high 3 options are available in each mixer. One thing you have to keep in mind here is that your mixer should have a minimum of 18000 RPM. You must check this speed in the specification of the mixer whenever you go to buy it.
No of Jars: At least 2 or 3 jars are required with a mixer. Mixers with 4 to 5 jars are also available in any mixer. The more jars, the better it is for you. Because you will not have to wash again and again for different tasks. As if you have to do multiple things, you do not have to wash the jar again and do other things. The number of jars also depends on the price. The cheap mixer comes with 2 jars while the slightly expensive mixer has more than 4 jars. It depends entirely on you how many jars you want to take.

Removable Blade

Many times you must have noticed that the blades are fixed inside the jar of the mixer. And sometimes they are attached with a screw. If your blade breaks, then attach the screw attached to the house itself and fix it. But fixed jars with fixed blades are difficult to replicate. To get it fixed, you have to go to a good mechanic or you have to change your jar. So this thing must be kept in mind while purchasing the mixer.


You should always buy a 2-year-old warranty mixer. According to my, do not buy a 1-year warranty mixer at all. When you are spending 2500-3000 rupees then 2 years warranty should be minimum. Nowadays, many brands are offering warranty service even for 3 years in the market. So the more warranty, the better the mixer will be for you.


When we are talking about the Warranty, we also talk about the service along with it. If the big brands sell you mixers, then that brand service also gives you a lot of attention. You also get home to home service. If you are getting home to home service then it is better that you do not have to take them to the service center. So you should also consider this a little bit.


The price of a mixer grinder depends on its power. The higher the power you take the mixer, the higher the pricing. But the high power mixer also does a lot of things for you, it lasts for a long period because there is not much load on the motor of the mixer. So according to me, buy a high power mixer. Although it will be a little expensive but will continue to serve you without deteriorating for many years.


Which brands do you have to look for when buying a good mixer. The best mixer grinders that are being made today are Bajaj, Philips, Sujata, butterfly, Preethi, Orpat, and lifelong. You buy a mixer grinder of these brands only. There will be a lot of other brands like China brand or Amazonbasics etc., you should not buy mixer grinders of these brands. Will keep doing fine with the mechanic every week.
The best one of which I have a mixer grinder is the Sujata brand. I personally use the same brand at home. I have been using it for the last 3 years and still runs smooth.


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