ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2023-2060

Welcome to the next stock price forecast from Knowledge Dose. Today, we’re focusing on ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction analysis for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060.

As the world moves towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), the charging infrastructure market for EV vehicles is booming.

ChargingPoint, a leader in EV charging solutions, is attracting the attention of most of the investors.

Currently, ChargePoint is an innovation leader powering the future of EV charging infrastructure.

As the EV market continues to grow, it’s no more surprise that Chargepoint’s stock will soon be in the portfolios of every investor who wants to make big money in the EV business.

In this detailed analysis, we’ll examine the exciting world of ChargePoint and provide you with expert predictions on its stock price trajectory for the years ahead.

So read this blog post completely so that you, too, can take the right decision about buying Chargepoint’s stock.

About ChargePoint Company

ChargePoint, an American electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company, was established in 2007 as Coulomb Technologies by Richard Lowenthal, Dave Baxter, and Harjinder Bhade.

Based in Campbell, California, the company operates the largest online network of independently owned EV charging stations in 14 countries and develops the technology used in these stations.

In June 2017, ChargePoint acquired 9,800 EV charging spots from GE, bringing their total to 34,900 charging stations across Mexico, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Since 2018, Pasquale Romano has served as CEO and president of the company. In November 2018, ChargePoint raised $240 million and managed 57,000 charging spots at the time.

In 2019, ChargePoint and VW’s Electrify America agreed to offer common access to their US customers.

By September 2019, the company reached 100,000 chargers, adding over 2,000 charging locations per month.

ChargePoint’s EV charging spots can now be found in both of Disney’s U.S. theme parks.

ChargePoint went public in February 2021 through a special-purpose acquisition company reverse merger and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “CHPT.

In January 2023, the company, along with Mercedes-Benz and MN8 Energy, announced plans to install 2,500 fast chargers at 400 charging hubs in the U.S., available to all EVs.

Financial Overview of ChargePoint Stock

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$8.88
Market Cap3.14B
Enterprise Value3.17B
Price/Sales (TTM)5.89
Enterprise Value/Revenue6.14
Price/Book (MRQ)9.58
Enterprise Value/EBITDA-10.61
52 Week Low/High$7.82/$19.92
50/200 Day Moving Average$8.83/$11.35
S&P500 52-Week Change-4.20%
Official Website
Source: Yahoo Finance, Last update on June 19, 2023

How Was ChargePoint Earning Q3?

In the third quarter, ChargePoint Holdings reported approximately 80% revenue growth, as its earnings jumped to $65.0 million from $36.4 million in the same quarter last year.

In this time period, networked charging revenue also increased, which was $22.6 million last year and has doubled to $47.5 million in quarter three.

Apart from this, a growth of 24% has been seen in the subscription revenue of ChargingPoint.

But even after all this revenue growth, Chargepoint’s GAAP net loss is close to $70 million. This is simply because, at this point in time, the ChargePoint company is spending a lot on its expenses.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction | ChargePoint Stock Forecast

ChargePoint Stock Price Forecast YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2023$9.25 $11.35
2040$205.52 $217.11
ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2050)

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2023 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2023

Our forecast for Chargepoint stock target 2023 is $10.16, with a low of $9.25 and a high of $11.35.

This year we can expect ChargingPoint’s share price to rise as EV vehicle adoption rates continue to climb steeply.

The global shift towards sustainable transportation and government incentives will drive demand for charging infrastructure, which will boost ChargingPoint’s stock price.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2023$9.25 $11.35$10.16

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2024 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2024

From the fundamental analysis we have done, the average price of Chargepoint stock prediction for 2024 is around $12.92.

In 2024, ChargingPoint’s stock price might experience further growth, fueled by an expanding EV market and growing public awareness of the benefits of EVs.

As more automakers enter the EV space and governments tighten emissions regulations, the demand for charging infrastructure will undoubtedly surge.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2024$10.28$15.56$12.92

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2025 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2025

We are quite confident that CHPT stock will break the strong resistance of $20 in 2025 and reach the maximum value of $23.68.

The main reason behind this confidence is that CHPT has strong fundamentals and dividend potential with top-class leadership.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2025$16.81$23.68$20.25

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2030 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2030

According to our study, ChargePoint’s stock price may possibly increase to a high of $52.72 with a minimum of $48.89.

ChargePoint Holdings is well-positioned to profit from the rising demand for electric car infrastructure and has a promising future ahead of it.

Currently, ChargPoint already runs more than 163,000 charging stations across the globe. Apart from it, US federal government wants to install more than 500,000 EV chargers up to the year 2030.

This company has already generated considerable profits, and with further expansion, it may rank among the most lucrative stock in its industry. You can also read Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2025.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2030$48.89$53.72$51.31

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2040 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2040

Our prediction after the company’s strong fundamentals and potential for continued expansion analysis is that ChargPoint stock price will definitely hit the price of $217.11 with a minimum price of $205.52 in the year 2040.

The year 2040 would be a great year for ChargePoint company and its stock also. At this stage, the company would be fully established and would be focused only on its expansion.

If the market becomes bearish, then this price target will go below the minimum value.

For those hoping to profit from the increasing trend toward environmentally friendly transportation, ChargePoint is an appealing investment possibility.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2040$205.52 $217.11 $211.32

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2050 | ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2050

Being the oldest EV charging company, Chargepoint Company will defiantly be a leading player in this industry. Considering the company’s growth and its fundamental analysis for 2050s, ChargePoint stock price can easily achieve the target of $721.58 with the minimum price resistance of $695.78.

Many experts believe that most people will switch from gasoline to green energy EV vehicles after 2040, making this transition an attractive investment opportunity for ChargePoint stock to generate high returns.

ChargePoint Stock Price Prediction 2050$695.78$721.58$708.68

Is Chargepoint Stock A Good Buy?

Wall Street analysts have made predictions about ChargePoint stocks. Ten of them have given the stock a Strong Buy rating, and three have given it a Hold rating.

ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.’s stock price has been all over the place in recent years, with different values and ongoing debates about the company’s security.

In the recent quarter, the company performed strongly in finances; even then, many investors were skeptical about the stock’s prospects. Recently, the changes in the price of CHPT stock have made it hard for experts to decide.

Still, many experts say ChargePoint’s newly launched network for charging electric cars (EVs) could significantly impact the company’s future. This network is expected to not only get more people interested in buying EVs but also to help big players in the industry work together on important projects.

ChargePoint is in an excellent situation to gain from the growing trend of cars switching from dirty fuels to renewable energy technologies. Over time, as the demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) rises, many charging points are needed, which definitely will increase its stock price in the coming months. So, even though some people may think ChargePoint stock is overpriced right now, the long-term picture looks good.

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Is ChargePoint Holdings a Buy, sell, or hold?

While the short-term moving average indicates that Chargepoint Holdings Inc. stock should be sold, the long-term moving average indicates that the stock should be bought.

What is the ticker symbol of ChargePoint Holdings?

CHPT is the ticker symbol for ChargePoint Holdings.

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