Ford Stock Price Prediction 2023-2060

Welcome to Knowledge Dose’s next stock forecast article, this guide article will discuss Ford stock price prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060.

Fort Motors play a significant role in making the USA as biggest vehicle manufactures.

This Motor company is also known as the most producing car company in the affordable time in terms of volume.

Ford Motor manufactures vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, etc., for the general market but also produces vehicles for the army, along with different types of sports and racing cars.

Ford Motor currently has factories in more than 15 countries and business interests in more than 65 countries.

Let’s start and know about Ford’s Stock Price Prediction for the coming years!

Financial Overview of Ford Stock

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$14.42
Market Cap57.69B
Enterprise Value158.87B
Price/Sales (TTM)0.35
Enterprise Value/Revenue0.96
Price/Book (MRQ)1.36
Enterprise Value/EBITDA9.16
52 Week Low/High$10.61/$16.68
50/200 Day Moving Average$12.33/$12.73
S&P500 52-Week Change-1.51%
Official WebsiteFord Motors
Source: Yahoo Finance, Last update on June 19, 2023

Ford Stock Price Prediction | Ford Stock Forecast

Ford Stock Price Forecast YearMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Ford Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2050)

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2023 | Ford Stock Forecast 2023

According to the technical analysis, the price of Ford stock could move from a lower of $16.85 and reach up to $20.34 by the year 2023.

During the year 2023, Ford Motor stock make an average of $18.60.

In the current scenario, Ford Stock could continue to go down because this company shut down its manufacturing operation in some countries and faced strong competition with Tesla Motors.

If you already hold Ford Motor stock, you can be confident that its value defiantly will go up in the near future.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2023$16.85$20.34$18.60

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2024 | Ford Stock Forecast 2024

Based on many stock experts’ studies, it is predicted that Ford’s stock could go from $25.82 to an amazing $31.82 by 2024.

The bullish forecast for Ford Motor stock is based on various parameters like market trends, Product acceptance, and current economic changes in the world.

These expected levels of support could be due to many things like the company’s strong financial foundations, its new upcoming products, and its innovative business choices.

Ford’s stock is expected to keep going up in 2024 because of EV manufacturing, new markets opening up, and consumer trust, but following upward and downward trends.

If the market move according to our prediction and nothing surprising happens in 2024, the average Ford motor stock price will be around $28.82.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2024$25.82$31.82$28.82

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2025 | Ford Stock Forecast 2025

In 2025, the Ford Motor stock could easily achieve a higher of $41.74 from $33.47 with an average trading price of $37.50 on the stock exchange.

Every investor should keep a close eye on the Ford stocks movement before buying or selling in 2025. We expect that 2025 might be a profitable year for Ford stockholders.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2025$33.47$41.74$37.61

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Ford Stock Price Prediction 2030 | Ford Stock Forecast 2030

By 2030, we expect a significant breakout in the financial markets, and analysis could propel Ford Motor stock to new highs.

For 2030, Many experts predicted that Ford Motor’s stock price could fluctuate from $91.85 to $105.52, with an impressive average price of $106.75.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2030$91.85$105.52$98.68

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2040 | Ford Stock Forecast 2040

Ford stock would hit its peak in 2040, trading at a multiplicative price. It could go from $476.15 to $527.25 and may stay on average at $501.70.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2040$476.15$527.25$501.70

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2050 | Ford Stock Forecast 2050

Ford Motor’s stock price might hit $821.41 in 2050. The minimum price may be $762.89, and the average is $775.80. You can also read our guide on Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2050.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2050$762.89$821.41$792.15

Is Ford Stock Good for the long term?

When we analyze the past decade of Ford Motor, this company has demonstrated remarkable financial stability, amassing an impressive free cash flow of over $34 billion.

This shows how dedicated the company is to knowing and meeting the future changing needs of customers in the car industry.

Ford Motor is set up for long-term success because it always makes vehicles that people actually want.

So, investors can feel good about keeping their Ford Motor stock for the long term because the company’s strategic strategy and ability to change point to a bright future.

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Can Ford Reach $30?

To achieve a $30 stock price, Ford Motor must produce two million electrified vehicles by 2026. These electric vehicles must compete with Tesla, the EV industry leader, and other automakers to improve their EV range.

What is Ford’s stock price forecast for the next 5 years?

Predicting Ford’s exact stock price in the next 5 years is difficult, but with their remarkable growth and expansion, we can expect the stock to reach between a hopeful $81.32 and an astounding $95.51. This range truly captures the excitement surrounding Ford’s bright future

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