Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2023-2060

This blog post will analyze the Li Auto Stock Price Prediction for 2023 to 2060 based on a technical and fundamental analysis of the Li Auto Stock price history.

This reliable price forecast of Li Auto Stock will give its future growth prospects.

Apart from this, we will also analyze whether Li Auto stock is capable of becoming the perfect choice stock in the upcoming time.

With the continuous expansion of electric vehicle markets, many EV makers have been born, Li Auto is one of them.

Before discussing its stock price forecast, first know about Li-Auto company in short.

About Li Auto

Li Auto is an Electric vehicles company established by Li Xiang, a Chinese businessman, in 2015.

This emerging EV manufacturer has its manufacturing, engineering, and design services section in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and corporate headquarter in Beijing, China.

With a ticker symbol of “LI,” Li Auto was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange on July 30, 2020, with an IPO price of $11.50.

Due to highly focus on innovation as well as the sustainability of electric vehicle cars, this company has become a leading player in the EV industry.

Currently, Li Auto work on the premium segment of EV car according to customer expectation and also uses advanced technology such as a proprietary extended-range electric powertrain.

Five-seater SUV of Li Auto, which is equipped with a 72 kWh battery or an 85 kWh battery, is capable of traveling a maximum of 400km on a single full charge.

Li Auto is also working on different future projects like Create a Mobile Home, Create Happiness, etc, and making itself a strong player in EV segments.

Li Auto Stock Price History

Overview of Li Auto Stock

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$34.66
Market Cap$33.33B
Enterprise Value$26.18B
Price/Sales (TTM)4.38
Enterprise Value/Revenue0.48
Price/Book (MRQ)5.08
Enterprise Value/EBITDA89.25
52 Week Low/High$12.52/$41.49
50/200 Day Moving Average$27.47/$23.33
52-Week Change-8.32%
Official WebsiteLi Auto Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on June 21, 2023

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2023-2060

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price
Li Auto Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2060)

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2023 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2023

As per our technical analysis on Li stock for the short term, its price will reach a maximum value of $37.49 with a yearly minimum value of $28.47 in 2023.

After the mid of 2022, its stock price moved in a positive upward direction, and till now, significant growth has been recorded.

In the current scenario, the Western world is facing of highest chances of a recession this year, and inappositely, China is a growing economy.

This economic situation has been put a positive impact on the Li Auto stock price positively.

Investors have reasonable trust in LI Auto innovation technology in EV segments and its commitments.

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2024 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2024

Many stock analysts have predicted Li’s stock target price for 2024, and their overall maximum value of reaching its stock price is $41.24.

With this maximum value of LI Stock, its price also touches the lowest price in 2024, which is $29.78.

We also performed an in-depth analysis of Li Auto stock by using an Ai-based forecasting technique, and our values also lie near the above value.

In our opinion, don’t look at the short-term perspective and various rummers in the market about Li Auto, this company has continuous involvement in developing new products related to EV segments.

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Forecast 2025

In 2025 there are high chances of slow growth in the stock price of Li Auto because of tough competition as well as inducing new products like Homes and consumable electronics.

Apart from these, there is a maximum probability of facing a recession this year, but there is always a positive hope to remain optimistic from an investment point of view.

This year also provides a chance to invest more money in the stock market due to the recession.

As per our analysis of Li stock price prediction for 2025, its price may reach a maximum value of $45.36 with a yearly lowest value of $30.06.

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2030 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2030

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2040 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2040

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2050 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2050

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Li Auto Stock Price Prediction 2060 | Li Auto Stock Forecast 2050

Strongly surviving a company for more than three decades has represented its strong fundamentals.

As emerging EV manufacturers with advanced innovative technology Li Auto have all the capability which make it an EV market leader in 2060.

Most of the stocks have positive sentiments about this company and predict Li Auto Inc. (LI) will be a long-time player in the EV segment.

Currently, the stock of Li Auto traded below $40, but as per our analysis, its stock will reach a maximum value of $1202.64 in 2060.

With this maximum target achievement, its stock will also touch its lowest value of $1135.73 in the same year.

YearMinimum Li Auto Stock PriceMaximum Li Auto Stock Price

Is Li Auto a buy, sell or hold?

After reaching $40.79 on June 19, 2022, its price had been fell to $14.26 till October of this year.

But after reaching this lowest value, LI Auto stock starts increasing, and till now, we have seen continuous growth in this stock price.

In the current scenario, investors should keep an eye on LI Auto’s stock price regarding future product development and news outlet of LI Auto.

As per in-depth analysis, its current stock price growth is acceptable and predicted to grow in the future.

Most of the stock experts suggested buying LI Auto stock in small amounts when it comes to the lowest favorable price mark.

After buying the “call” of LI Auto stock, there will also be a call for holding its stock on a long-term basis.

This current decision will be proved right after a few years when Li Auto stock will move with the speed of a rocket.

Before deciding about LI stock regarding Holding, Buying, or Selling, think about the growth of this emerging EV company.


What is the ticker symbol of Li Auto Inc.?

Li Auto Inc is listed on NASDAQ with the ticker symbol “LI.”

How is the future of Li Auto?

There is no space for doubt about the future of Li Auto. In its comprehensive analysis, its stock price in 2023 is $37.49, while its stock price in 2060 is $1202.64, which is 3465% higher than the current stock price.

Is Li Auto Stock a Good Buy?

In the current scenario, Yes. From October 2022, Li Auto stock has gained a 144% increment in its price till now. And there is a high probability of enhancing its price more in the coming year, this is clearly indicated in our analysis also.

Final Words

In this blog post on “Li Auto Stock Price Prediction from 2026 to 2060,” we have explained its stock price prediction for every individual year.

If you are thinking about investing in Li Auto stock, then this article will definetly prove helpful in understanding its expected future growth.

Surely the EV sector is becoming an emerging investing opportunity for most investors, and experts predict this will remain the best investing opportunity in this decade.

Predicting the stock price of LI Auto is definetly a challenging task due to various price influencing factors, but AI-based Deep Learning makes it quite simple.

As per the information available on the Li Auto website and considering the opinions of individual EV stock analysts, LI Auto has the potential to become an emerging EV leader.

In our opinion, with a strong commitment of LI Auto to high-quality innovation with extreme user safety precautions, LI Auto’s growth is enhancing every day.

Investing in this type of EV manufacturer stock would be the right decision for getting high returns in the future.

If this stock prediction post provides some value, then definitely give us a 5-star rating to appreciate our hard work.

Thanking You!

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