Merrill Edge vs Webull Brokers (User Experience)

This blog post will go through a detailed analysis of two reputed financial institutes, Merrill Edge vs Webull Brokers.

After complete reading of this blog post, the answer to the question of “Is Merrill Edge better than Webull?” will be completely clear with facts and different combative features.

There are Several surveys are conducted every month regarding who is the best investment brokers.

In our analysis of the more than 18 best stock and investment brokers, Merrill Edge broker by Morgon Stanley is winning the race with Webull brokers.

Merrill Edge become more popular than Webull due to some exciting features like zero dollar trade fees, robust research, excellent customer service, etc.

But Webull offers some extra services like crypto and feature trading with respect to the Merrill Edge.

To know in depth more about such features, let us start the step-by-step, in-depth discussion on “Merrill Edge vs Webull.”

Overview Comparison of Merrill Edge vs Webull

At the present time, there is no easy task to make a suitable comparison between brokers, it needs hard work and user experience on that platform.

To provide detailed value to our blog readers about Merrill Edge vs Webull, our team has spent thousands of hours doing in-depth research and taking help from the current users of these two brokerage platforms.

NameMerrill EdgeWebull
Minimum Deposit$0$0
Stock Trades$0$0
Mutual Fund Trade Fee$19.95NA
Basic Options Fee$0$0
Options Per Contract$0.65$0
Broker Assisted Trade Fee$29.95NA
Margin Rate Under $25,000Varies9.49%
Margin Rate $25,000 to $49,999.99Varies8.99%
Margin Rate $100,000 to $249,999.99Varies8.49%
Margin Rate $250,000 to $499,999.99Varies7.99%
Margin Rate $500,000 to $999,999.99Varies6.99%
Margin Rate Above $1,000,000Varies6.49%
IRA Annual Fee$0$0
IRA Closure Fee$49.95$0
Account Transfer Out$0$75.00
Trading (Stock, Margin, Options)YesYes
Futures, Forex TradingNoNo
Crypto TradingNoYes
Fractional SharesNoYes
OTC StocksYesYes
Mutual Funds3466No
Bonds (US Treasury, Corporate, Municipal)YesNo
Advisor ServicesYesNo
Order Type (Market, Limit, After Hours, Stop, Trailing Stop, OCO, OTO, YesYes
Broker AssistedYesNo
Education (Stocks, ETFs, Options) YesYes
Education (Mutual Funds, Bonds)YesNo
Retirement CalculatorYesNo
Paper TradingNoYes
Videos, WebinarYesNo
AppiPhone, Android, Apple WatchiPhone, Android, Apple Watch
Overall Rating5/54.5/5
Go to WebsiteMerrill EdgeWebull

Which is better, Merrill Edge or Webull, for a beginner?

In terms of providing basic education for beginner investors, Merrill Edge offers a better facility in comparison to Webull.

At the platform of Merrill Edge, beginners can access Videos and tutorials related to stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds, Bonds, and retirement plans, as well as optional trading.

In comparison, Webull offers paper trading for beginners as well as educational tutorials related to stocks, ETFs, and optional trading only.

What are the investment options provided by Merrill Edge or Webull?

Users can access the investment choices available at the Merrill Edge platform for stock and optional trading, as well as mutual funds, ETFs, and Bonds type of options.

On the other hand, on the Webull platform, users can access Stock and Options Trading as well as Fractional Shares and OTC Stocks type of investment options.

Both of the investment brokerage platforms do not provide Futures and Forex Trading facilities to their user.

In terms of Mutual fund investment choice, Merrill Edge wins the race with 3095 different options as compared to the zero options available on the Webull platform.

What about Merrill Edge vs Webull pricing?

If we talk about charges imposed by Merrill Edge and Webull, both brokers do not charge a single penny to their users on regular stock trading. But Merrill Edge charges $0.65 for Option contracts in comparison to the zero charges by Webull broker.

Is Merrill Edge good?

There is no space for doubting about the facility that is offered on the Merrill Edge platform. Being part of a highly reputed financial institute, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, Merrill Edge facilitates their customers with a $0 trade fee, robust and in-depth research tutorials, and reliable customer service. But This platform does not offer Crypto and Future investment options to its customers.

Is Webull good?

Webull platform provides stock as well as crypto trading and investment options to their customers, which makes this platform a better choice for beginner traders.

The interface of the Webull platform is designed according to the user’s interest with better chart option and also offer zero trading fee on different trading options. Apart from this, there are a lot of free tutorials available to help new and intermediate traders, which helps to minimize the chances of loss.

What types of investment options are available on Webull and Merrill Edge platforms?

In terms of investment options available on both trading platforms, Merrill Edge has won the race from Webull.

At the Merrill Edge platform, users can get more comprehensive Investing options as compared to the Webull platform.

Currently, at the Merrill Edge platform, users can access Stock trading, optional trading, mutual funds, OTC trading, Advisor services, etc.

While on the Webull platform, users can access only stock trading, optional trading, fractional trading, and OTC stocks.

At the present time, neither platform provides Futures and Forex trading facilities on their platforms.

In terms of transaction fees in a mutual fund, Webull follows the “No Transaction Fee” scheme, while Merrill Edge charges approximately $19.95.

Do Webull and Merrill Edge offer cryptocurrency?

After an in-depth analysis of both the top brokerage platforms of the USA, both platforms have the ability to trade cryptocurrency.

However, only Webull offers cryptocurrency trading from 2020, while Merrill Edge does not support this on its platform.

FAQ: Merrill Edge vs Webull

Is Merrill Edge good for beginners?


Which trading platform is better: Merrill Edge or Webull?

As per our analysis, Merrill Edge is better than Webull.

Does either broker offer banking services?

Online banking is an essential part of investment, which makes investment highly convenient. Keeping this thinks in mind Merrill Edge provide banking facility like Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Mortgage Loans type of service to its customers, but the Webull brokerage platform offers neither of these.

Final Words: Merrill Edge vs Webull

In this blog post, “Merrill Edge vs Webull (User experience),” a detailed comparison between both of them is provided.

Both brokerage platforms have individual capabilities and facilities which provide a better experience during stock trading as well as investing process.

This article only demonstrates our personal experience on these platforms with the experience of different existing users.

In the overall conclusion, we can say that Merrill Edge is a better platform in comparison to Webull if you are not interested in crypto and futures trading.

Overall Winners is Merrill Edge

Thanking You!

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