Pfizer stock price forecast 2024-2060

This blog post will analyze the Pfizer stock price forecast for 2024 to 2060 based on a technical and fundamental analysis of the Pfizer stock price history.

Let’s discuss the future price forecast of PEE Stock and its performance analysis for the coming years.

What is Pfizer?

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation founded by two Germans, Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart, in 1849 and officially operated in New York City, USA.

This paramedical company has a specialty in developing and producing medicine for immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

In 2022, Pfizer generated a revenue of $67 billion from various vaccines and medical equipment for COVID-19 worldwide.

Almost 50% of this revenue comes from the United States (42%) and Japan (8%), while the remaining 50% is generated from other countries.

Pfizer stock remains a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index till 2020 and currently has the position 38th on the Fortune 500 and 39th on the Forbes Global 2000.

Apart from this, Pfizer offers its product wholesale to governments, retailers, hospitals, clinics, and medical agencies.

If we talk about its manufacturing facilities availability, those are established worldwide, mostly in India, China, North and South America, Europe, etc.

To know the better investment opportunity, analyzing its performance is essential as an investor.

Let’s start!

Financial Overview of PFE Stock

Companies like Pfizer have the ability to develop a vaccine for any disease within a period of two to three years, which makes them industry players.

A pharmaceutical company’s revenue mainly depends on the development of a new vaccine or medicine for the disease, which can be seen in Pfizer’s revenue growth.

With a $32 billion net profit, Pfizer’s revenue jumped from $40 billion to $100 billion in the last three years.

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$28.70
Pfizer Ticker SymbolPFE
Market Cap$162.05B
Enterprise Value$181.47B
Price/Sales (TTM)2.40
Enterprise Value/Revenue2.65
Price/Book (MRQ)1.67
Enterprise Value/EBITDA9.87
52 Week Low/High$25.76/$46.74
50/200 Day Moving Average$29.23/$34.65
52-Week Change-37.72%
Official WebsitePfizer Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on January 15, 2023

Pfizer stock price forecast 2023 to 2060

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price
Pfizer Stock Price Prediction (2024 – 2060)

Pfizer stock price forecast 2024

In 2024, some decline can be observed in Pfizer’s revenue generation, which affects its stock price.

During this period, PFE stock price will increase to $35.65 in the initial months of the year, but in the last few months, its price may face some downfall up to $27.87.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Pfizer stock price forecast 2025

With time, Pfizer succeeded in developing the best vaccine providers on the American and European continents.

There is a huge jump in the company’s net profit as well as its revenue in this decade.

As per the industry experts’ opinions, there is significant potential for growth that can be seen in the PFE stock in 2025.

Our study has indicated that PFE stock will be touching the maximum forecasted price of $50.08, with the lowest price of $37.17 in 2025.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Pfizer stock price forecast 2030

Being the oldest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer has a trustable customer and distribution network, which has a significant influence in the US market.

On the basis of the current analysis, Pfizer has very strong fundamentals and financial statistics, which will ensure its stability in the long term.

As per our analysis, with the current business growth, PFE stock has the ability to reach the maximum forecasted price of $83.44 by the end of 2030.

In case of a bearish market trend, PFE stock may face a decline and start recovery from the lowest forecasted price of $69.80 during the same period of time.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Pfizer stock price forecast 2040

Most Wall Street stock analysts have a positive sentiment about Pfizer’s growth because of its stability in the market from 1849.

As time passes, medical treatment becomes expensive all over the world, which enhances the growth of good companies like Pfizer because they came forward during the pandemic period as an angel.

If we talk about investment in PEE stock for a long period till 2040, then it will be beneficial for any investors.

There are many acceptable reasons, such as a 4.65% dividend yield and a high probability of growth in PFE stock with time.

As per our analysis, Pfizer stock may fluctuate between a maximum of $157.25 and a minimum of $138.33 in 2040.

In case of a bullish market trend, its stock may cross the above-forecasted price easily, but in a bearish market, it may face difficulties.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Pfizer stock price forecast 2050

2050 will be the golden year for Pfizer investors because its value will be traded on the sky level.

As per our analysis, the PFE stock price will easily touch the maximum targeted price of $275.55. Apart from this, its price will also face a decline up to the minimum forecast price of $235.91.

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Pfizer stock price forecast 2060

Pfizer Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price


What is the market cap of Pfizer Inc.?

Currently, Pfizer Inc has $194.05 billion, which is a decrease from $216 billion last year.

What is Pfizer’s stock Dividend yield?

Presently, Pfizer offers a 4.24% dividend yield to its investors.

What is the PFE stock price forecast after five years?

As per our study, after five years, in 2028, Pfizer’s stock price may reach the maximum price of $67.82 with the lowest forecasted price of $53.18.

Can Pfizer’s stock price reach $100?

Yes, till 2035, Pfizer’s stock price will cross the $100 mark very easily. In the case of the bullish market trend, this targeted price may be achieved early before 2035.

Final Words

After reading this full article on “Pfizer stock price prediction from 2024 to 2026,” you will find an overall idea about its stock price growth.

Over the last few years, PFE stock has fluctuated between the $30 to $60 price range, but its stock provides a huge profit in 2021 and 2022.

But after Covid-19 ended, its stock showed a continuous decline in its price value.

If we talk about the $100 targeted price mark, then Pfizer stock may face huge difficulties in crossing this.

As per our analysis, Pfizer is not a good option for investing money with the expectation of huge returns.

If you want to invest in PFE stock, then definitely take valuable advice from any financial advisers before investing.

Apart from this, if this detailed analysis proves some knowledgeable content, definitely rate this blog post with a maximum of 5-star rating.

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