How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro 2023

Tesla Motor is an emerging stock, and many people are curious to know how to buy Tesla stock on eToro safely.

This buying guide on “How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro” will be highly helpful for those investors who are starting their investment journey.

There is no place in the world where household people don’t know the Tesla.

Tesla has created a historical revolution in automatic electric vehicle manufacturing segments worldwide. With a revolutionary energy solution, Tesla stock has become the main preference in the portfolio of most investors in EV segments.

We also invested in Tesla stock and enjoyed the profit of our investments.

During the investment, we faced so many difficulties in choosing the best platform. We had to look for such a brokerage platform that is trustable and also has a user-friendly interface.

Our research ends with the eToro platform, which offers a very convenient solution to buy any stock in the US and other countries.

We are going through step by step process to buy Tesla stock on the eToro exchange.

Let’s start!

How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro

Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Create an account on eToro

For buying any company stock on the eToro platform, a verified user account is compulsory.

For signup or signing, First, visit the main website of eToro by clicking here.

Click on the sign-in button if you have an eToro account already; otherwise, click on the signing button to create a new account.

Here, you get three more options of Google, Apple ID, and Facebook for a signup, except by using email, you can choose the best appropriate for you.

Step 2: Verified eToro user account

To prevent fraud and scam eToro have to verify your identity. For this, you have to use any authentic government-issued ID proof, bill, or recent band account statement to verify your realness.

After the successful verification of your eToro user account, you can connect your working bank account.

Working in different countries worldwide eToro accept various type of currency and wallet for depositing or withdrawing money, so choose your local currency firstly.

Step 2: Buy Tesla stock on eToro

To buy Tesla Motors stock on eToro, just type “Tesla” on the given search box on your user dashboard.

Now select the “Tesla Inc” option in the dropdown menu.

After selecting the above menu, you are moved to the Tesla stock page, which will show the in-depth history, performance, financial statistics, etc, of this stock.

Before making the Tesla stock buying decision, understanding the different buying options are highly essential.

Like other brokerage platforms, the eToro platform also offers two buying options first, Market orders and second, Limit orders.

Buying the stock at the current market rate, then select the Market orders option to execute the buying order.

For buying the stock or other currency at a specific price rate, then select the Limit Orders option.

Understand the eToro user dashboard.

After the successful setup of the account by any user and its verification fund can be transferred to the eToro account.

On the eToro platform, any registered user can buy various company stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, commodities, and many more.

With the user-friendly interface of the eToro user dashboard, various helpful options like user account balance, whitelist, portfolio, daily movers, and many more are also available. These options are very helpful in making investments sense full.

Is Tesla a good investment opportunity

There is no doubt that Tesla stock has returned a high amount of profit on its initial investment.

Althose analyzing its past performance and future price prediction by keeping company fundamentals in mind becomes highly important for investment perspective.

To know Tesla stock price prediction/forecast from 2023 to 2060 in detail, click on this link (Tesla stock forecast).

From the IPO time, Tesla stock performer in his volatility due to various performance factors like up-down competition, chance in the market economy situation, government policy, etc.

In the current scenario, Tesla Motors start its operational expansion in various countries in South Asia, which will impact its stock price.

In our opinion, Tesla stock will be an emerging stock in the future, but currently, many experts think this stock is traded overvalued.

So before placing your Tesla Stock order on the eToro platform, do your in-depth evaluation of this company and its potential to withstand the growing competition in EV segments.

Placing an Order to Buy Tesla Stock

After completing the analysis of Tesla’s stock performance and its financial statistics, you can place an order to buy Tesla stock on the eToro trading platform.

First of all, add money to your eToro account to buy Tesla stock.

After adding money, go to the home page of the user dashboard and search “Tesla” in the search box.

Now click on the “Trade” button in front of Tesla Inc.

Enter the number of stock which you want to buy and select the type of order (Market or Limit” according to convenience.

Now confirm the order.

After a few seconds, your order will be executed by eToro, but the amount of money available in your account should be equal to or more than the buying stock price.

Managing Your Tesla Stock Investment

Managing any investment is highly necessary in the current fluctuating market condition.

Adjusting the investment strategy make you profitable and prevents heavy loss.

On the eToro trading platform, there are a lot of free tools available which help users during the stock buying and selling process.

Stop-loss, order type, take-profit order, etc, are the main tools that fulfill the order according to your chosen price automatically.

Apart from this, user can also adjust their order position on the eToro trading platform in just a few simple clicks.

Before changing the investment strategy, be up-to-date with the current market news and market trends.

Final words: How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro

In this article on “How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro trading platform,” we have explained everything step by step.

From creating an account on eToro to how to buy Tesla stock, you can find stock evaluation also in this post.

If you have any queries related to How to buy Tesla stock on the eToro, please ask by using the comment section.

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