Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023-2060

This blog post will analyze the Snowflake Stock Price Prediction for 2023 to 2060 based on a technical and fundamental analysis of the Snowflake stock price history.

Let us start the discussion on the future price forecast of Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) Stock.

This Snowflake stock analysis will definetly help you to make appropriate decisions about buying its stock for long-term investment purposes.

Apart from this, this study will also analyze current and essential year growth potential with the help of Snowflake company’s fundamental and current market growth.

This analysis has been performed on the basis of its stock’s past performance and by using Ai based deep technical analysis.

We also compared this stock price analysis with the existing price prediction by various stock analysts.

Before starting the stock price analysis for the individual year of Snowflake Inc, analyzing this company’s business model deeply is very essential.

Without any delay, let’s start!

What is Snowflake Inc?

Financial Overview of Snowflake Stock

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$178.25
Snowflake Ticker SymbolSNOW
Market Cap$58.09B
Enterprise Value$54.40B
Price/Sales (TTM)25.25
Enterprise Value/Revenue24.00
Price/Book (MRQ)10.99
Enterprise Value/EBITDA-64.00
52 Week Low/High$119.27/$205.66
50/200 Day Moving Average$163.43/$155.74
52-Week Change20.32%
Official WebsiteSnowflake Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on June 23, 2023

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2060

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price
Snowflake Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2060)

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023

With an IPO price of $220 on the NYSE, Snowflake Inc became a public company on September 16, 2020.

After the public listing company gained huge popularity among investors and registered a new record in its stock price.

In 2021 its stock price returned a huge profit to its IPO investors when its price successfully touched the $390 mark.

But from the beginning of 2022 price of the Snowflake stock report declined and reached the price mark of $118.

After this decline in 2023, its stock price again starts rising, and this improvement is continuously running.

During the price prediction analysis of Snowflake stock for 2023, our study indicated signifies an improvement in its price.

This year its price will easily reach the highest price of $195.53 and also touch the $145.72 mark in the downward position.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2024

As per our analysis of Snowflake stock price for 2024, its price may reach a maximum of $235.08 and also touch $185.55 in the opposite trend direction.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2025

As an emerging company in the IT sector, Snowflake has a great opportunity to grow due to the growing internet business generation.

Many industry experts predicted positive growth potential for Snowflake stock becouse of its dedicated managerial teams as well its business roadmap for the future.

As per our analysis, Snowflake stock price will try to recover its all-time high value again.

During this yearly period of 2025, the stock price of Snowflake may fluctuate from $209.20 to $296.59 with various up and down.

In the case of a bullish market trend, its price will be cress the above-expected value, but in the case of bearish market trends, its price will struggle to reach this predicted value.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2030

The coming time is an era of cloud computing, and experts predict the valuation of Snowflake Inc will cross $100 billion market capitalization by 2030.

In the present time company mainly focus on operation expansion. This step will definetly reduce the current time company’s net profit, but in the long term, it will be highly beneficial for the organization.

As per many business experts and various financial news articles, if company management concentrates on reducing expenses, then definetly growth in its stock price will show increments.

During our in-depth analysis of the Snowflake stock price, its value can reach the highest targeted price of $523.54.

In the same year, its stock value will also touch the $487.28 mark in the reverse direction due to various market economic conditions.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2040

From a long-term investment perspective in the stock market, the company should be fundamentally strong.

In 2040 IT sector will be highly developed due to various advancements in cloud computing.

Many reputated analysis websites like also predicted that the stock of the IT industry would grow firstly compared to other segments stock in the coming time.

As per our study, current investing in Snowflake stock would be beneficial till 2040.

Due to growing digitalization in small and large businesses, the future of a company like Snowflake will be as a signing star.

According to our analysis of the stock price of Snowflake for 2040, its price can not cross the resistance value of $1056.79.

During this whole year, its stock price also makes a bearish trend which will stop at the value of $974.10.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2050

In 2050 SNOW stock will successfully reach the targeted value of $$1785.05 in the bullish trends, and in the case of bearish market trends, its value also reach $1674.25.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2060

All the circumstance shows a growing pattern in Snowflake stock price, and this year would be very profitable for Snowflake investors.

As per our analysis of SNOW stock price in 2060, its price will cross that recorded price mark of $2000 and create a new historical all-time Price value of $2307.58.

During the same period of time, in the case of a bearish market trend, its price will also reach the yearly lowest price of $2256.54.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Is it a good time to buy snowflake stock?

In the current scenario, various new IT company has been established in the artificial intelligence segments due to right-away enhancements in this population, there has been a slow downfall in the IT sector’s stock.

This progress also impacts the stock price of Snowflake stock price, but this company has huge potential to grow and recover its previous reputation.

The financial straightness of Snowflake also indicates its stock should be a great investment for the long term.

Also, this is also clear in our study that Snowflake stock will create various new all-time high records in the coming year if this company survives for a long period of time in the market strongly.


Snowflake Stock Price Forecast for the Next 5 Years?

After five years, in 2028, there is a maximum probability of recovering the IT industry, and this year Snowflake stock price may fluctuate from $397.84 to $467.22.

Can snowflake stock price reach $1000?

Yes, Snowflake Inc has a very strong fundamental with the growing cloud computing segment. Due to this, company stock will cross the $1000 historical price mark in the stock market till 2040.

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