How to Buy Tipalti Stock in 2023

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This article will provide detailed information about Tipalti stock price, Tipalti valuation, where to buy Tipalti stock right now, etc.

From its inception, Tipalti company’s products and services have been widely used by many small and large-scale businesses across American and European continents.

Apart from this, with a large round of size funding rounds, Tipalti has become the point of discussion among many retail investors.

Let’s understand the Tipalti company deeply:

What is Tipalti?

Tipalti is a cloud-based base accounting and financial solution provider for businesses in the US.

Chen Amit and Oren Zeevm founded this company, which officially operates from Foster City, CA, and also has offices in the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Texas, and Israel.

Currently, Tipalti is a private company with a valuation of $8.6 billion and is not traded on any stock exchange in the USA.

Tipalti is best known for providing a streamlined entire payment lifecycle for small and large-cap businesses.

Till 2023, Tipalti received 12 rounds of funding from various investors such as Summit Peak Investments, Greenoaks Capital Partners, G Squared, Durable Capital Partners, JPMorgan, and many more.

With a motive of providing fully proven, automated, and streamlined financial solutions to businesses, Tipalti is growing its business by using meaningful strategies.

Currently, Tipalti services or products are widely used in eCommerce, mobile, social media, email, and web forms segments in the US and European continents.

Through Tipalti software, business owners can monitor real-time visibility into invoices, payments, and cash flows, which helps them to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Can You Buy Tipalti Stock? Is Tipalti Publicly Traded?

So, you are curious to know how to buy Tipalti stock?

At the current time, Tipalti is going through a size funding round to accelerate its growth and valuation.

That’s why there is no Tipalti tracking symbol are not available for trade on any stock exchange.

As per the report published in newspapers, Tipalti management is not in a hurry to come up with an IPO.

How to Buy Tipalti Stock as an Accredited Investor

Only Accredited investors can invest in a Private company, but it requires a huge minimum amount of approximately $100,000.

At the current time, there are various platforms available that create a space to invest in a private company.

Equitybee is our favorite, which offers an investment facility in private company stock with a minimum of $10,000 only.

How to Buy Tipalti Stock as a Retail Investor

Retail investors are not allowed to buy any private company shares before IPO- at least not right now.

When Tipalti is listed on the stock exchange, then retail investors can buy Tipalti stock without any restrictions.

Who Owns Tipalti?

Tipalti was founded by Chen Amit and Oren Zeevm in 2010, and its founders still run this company, with the rest of the ownership being shared between the board of directors, employees, and the private equity and venture capital companies that have invested in Tipalti.

Till now, Tipalti promoters have raised around $550 million of a total of 12 funding rounds with a valuation of $8.3 billion.

Some of the most notable investors include:

  • Summit Peak Investments
  • Greenoaks Capital Partners
  • G Squared
  • Durable Capital Partners
  • Base Partners
  • Counterpoint Global
  • Dan Rose
  • TrueBridge Capital Partners
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank and Hercules Capital.

How to Buy the Tipalti IPO?

To buy Tipalti stock, you need to follow some simple steps when it comes:

  • First of all, log in to your brokerage account. If you don’t have an account, then create it on eToto.
  • Search for Tipalti
  • Select the quantity of Tipalti shares you want to buy,
  • Fullfied order by making payments,
  • Make a closed eye on the Tipalti stock trade.

FAQ: How to Buy Tipalti Stock

What will be the Tipalti stock price?

As per our analysis, if Tiplati offers 250 million shares with a market valuation of $8.3 billion, its one-share price will be $33.2.

Final Word: How to Buy Tipalti Stock

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We hope this article will prove valuable regarding your knowledge of Tipalti stock price.

Apart from this, we will be updating this article when new news comes out related to Tipalti company.

For any queries related to Tipalti stock price, please write us in the comment section.

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