ETRADE vs Merrill Edge 2023: Which online broker is right for you?

Welcome to the new brokerage platform comparison of ETRADE vs Merrill Edge 2023. Here, you can find the best useful information about both these platforms in detail.

E*TRADE and Merrill Edge are both the most popular online brokers with a wide range of investment options at different competitive fees via their user-friendly trading platforms.

But which one is the right choice for you?

Our team spent more than 100 hours understanding the basic and comprehensive reference from the trader’s perspective, and we found that Etrade is somehow better than Merrill Edge.

The main reason behind this, our team observes, is that ETRADE has performed better than Merrill Edge because of the $0 trade fee with their mobile apps and its Power ETRADE platform.

However, this trading platform shows some backlessness due to the unavailability of Crypto trading.

Which one is better, ETRADE vs Merrill Edge trading Broker, for beginners?

Earning potential mainly depends on the level of learning of traders about stock trading.

That is why free resources such as articles, videos, and webinars availability prove highly valuable for any trading platform to make popular.

In our analysis regarding Etrade vs. Merrill Edge, Merrill Edge won the race to provide in-depth educational material as compared to Etrade for beginner traders.

At this point, both E*TRADE and Merrill Edge provide various resources, videos, and articles related to Stocks, ETFs, Options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Retirement, except Paper Trading, which is only offered by Etrade.

How do E*TRADE’s fees compare to Merrill Edge’s?

Currently, both E*TRADE and Merrill Edge charge the same amount for regular stock and optional trade, which is $0.00 and $0.65 per option contract, respectively.

Apart from this, E*TRADE charges $1.50 per contract for futures trading, while this facility is not available on the Merrill Edge trading platform.

Broker FeesE*TradeMerrill Edge
Mutual Fund$0$19.99
Options$0.65 per contract$0.65 per contract
Futures (Per Contract)$1.50Not Offer
Broker Assisted Trade Fee$25$29.95
Trading Fees comparison between Merril Edge and Etrade

Investment option compression between ETRADE Vs Merrill Edge

In terms of available investment options on their platform, Etrade clearly won the match with Merrill Edge.

Both platform offers Trading, Options Trading, OTC Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Advisor Services, but Etrade offers Futures Trading compared to the Merrill Edge platform.

Here, it is noticed that none of them offer Fractional Shares and Forex Trading facilities to their users on their platforms.

But in the case of Mutual Funds transaction fees, Merrill Edge charges only $30.95, and Etrade charges $43.77. Here, Merrill Edge seems to be in the dominating position.

Investment OptionsE*TradeMerrill Edge
Stock TradingYesYes
Margin TradingYesYes
Options TradingYesYes
Futures TradingYesNo
Forex TradingNoNo
Crypto TradingNoNo
Fractional SharesNoNo
OTC StocksYesYes
Mutual Funds (Total)72423466
Advisor ServicesYesYes

Which broker offers the best customer service? Etrade vs. Merrill Edge.

At the current time, E*Trade and Merrill Edge, both trading platforms, offer 24/7 Phone, Email, and live support options to their users but only on a conditional basis.

Winner: Merrill Edge

Which trading platform is better: ETRADE Vs Merrill Edge?

To provide the best information related to Etrade and Merrill Edge platforms, our team has analyzed their trading tools, mobile apps, and web versions.

To compare the day trading platforms of E*TRADE and Merrill Edge, we focused on trading tools and functionality across both web and desktop-based platforms.

For data trading purposes, Etrade is the best trading platform, as per our analysis.

The main reason behind this decision is the availability of trading tools that provide streaming real-time quotes, stock alerts, trading hotkeys, direct market routing, streaming buy and sales, customizable watch lists, backtesting, fully functional charting packages, and many more.

Trading PlatformsE*TradeMerrill Edge
Active Trading PlatformPower E*TRADEMerrill Edge Market Pro
Desktop Trading PlatformNoNo
Paper TradingYesNo
Web Trading PlatformYesYes

Is E*TRADE good?

If you are a beginner, the E*TRADE trading platform is the best choice to learn about trading by using the Paper trading facility.

ETrade is the top-performing broker platform, which offers a $0 trading fee facility with two excellent mobile apps and the Power ETRADE platform.

Although this platform does not offer any crypto trading on their platform.

Apart from these, E*Trade also facilitates its users with various trading tools and resources on a very easy-to-use platform.

Is Merrill Edge good?

Merrill Edge is a product of Bank of America, which offers almost the same type of facility that E*Trade offers.

However, on the Merrill Edge platform, investors can invest in the cryptocurrency through ETF, but there is no direct investing option for crypto here.

FAQ: ETrade Vs Merrill Edge

Which trading platform has a better trading app, E*TRADE or Merrill Edge?

In terms of available features, user usability, and friendly design, E*TRADE gains some edge over the Merrill Edge platform, but it may also depend on the individual trader’s choice.

Which platform offers Cryptocurrency: E*TRADE or Merrill Edge?

In the current scenario, the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased with time, but none of these platforms offer any cryptocurrency trading on their platform.

ETRADE vs Merrill Edge Winner

Overall winner: E*TRADE

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