Snapchat Stock Price Prediction From 2023 to 2060

This post is going to analysis of “Snapchat stock price prediction from 2023 to 2060” on the basis of its past price history and analyze future potential growth from the investment point of view in the long term.

Well-known social media company Snap Inc. was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown during their college days in July 2011 at Standford University.

During the initial day, this popular app was known as “Picaboo,” but later, in September 2011, it renames Snapchat.

Presently Snapchat has more than 293 million daily active users with a 23% yearly growth rate, which transfers almost 4 billion snaps every day.

Different types of media, such as instant messages, photos, and videos, can be sanded by using Snapchat.

The disappearance of these media after a few second after being viewed by user make this app highly popular among the young generation.

Apart from this, the innovative filters, stories, and lenses of Snapchat attract users to become regular users of this app.

Discover option available on the app interface, users can explore the content of various creates or publishers.

Over time there, a lot of technological advancement has been introduced on the Snapchat app.

Recently new feature name Snapmap was also introduced in the Snapchat app, which allows the user to share their location with their Snapchat friends.

Sanp Inc. also works in various segments like developments of special spectacles, AR technology, etc, but all these products are related to the core Snapchat app.

With an offering price of $4, Snap Inc went to IPO on March 2017 on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol SNAP.

As a growing social media company which have direct competition with social giant like Instagram, Facebook, etc, analysis of its stock expected price in the coming year becomes highly important.

Let’s join hands in the journey of this wonderful social media and tech company and start its stock price prediction for the coming years.

Financial Overview of Snapchat Stock

Parameters NameValue/Price
Current Stock Price$13.47
Snapchat Ticker SymbolSNAP
Market Cap$21.58B
Enterprise Value$21.64B
Price/Sales (TTM)4.76
Enterprise Value/Revenue4.78
Price/Book (MRQ)8.37
Enterprise Value/EBITDA-18.81
52 Week Low/High$7.33/$16.55
50/200 Day Moving Average$10.39/$10.25
52-Week Change-553.16%
Official WebsiteSnap Inc.
Source: Yahoo Finance on July 18, 2023

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2060

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price
Snapchat Stock Price Prediction (2023 – 2060)

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2023

There is no doubt about the tremendous growth in the active users of the Snapchat app, especially youngsters.

Apart from this, this app shows the strong stability to withstand the tough competition from the existing social giant like Meta.

This would be possible only from the new and exciting features of Snapchat, which attract the young social generation.

This year in 2023, the stock price increases at a slow rate and may reach the highest forecasted price of $14.62.

With this highest price, the stock price of Snapchat also shows some decline and may touch the lowest price of $8.25.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2024

In 2021 the SNAP stock traded above $80, but in 2022, its stock showed a continuous downfall in its price.

In 2023 its stock show some stability in its price but in 2024, there are high chances to remain the price stable with penny increments.

According to our analysis and various experts’ studies on its price prediction for 2024, its stock price remains approximately stable, which may reach a maximum price of $15.04.

During the same year, its stock price will also touch the lowest barrier of $9.58.

If the market shows some bullishness, then its price may show some recovery, but it mainly depends on the Snapchat app performance also.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2025

The year 2025 will be a fantastic year for SNAP investors, becouse there is a high possibility of unexpected growth in its price.

Till this time period, Snapchat also improved its monetization strategies and made various valuable acquisitions or partnerships.

Many industry experts predict that this year its net revenues and profit margin also increases, which will definetly attract many investors.

If Snapchat teams are working to improve user experience, then this app will get success in attracting more active.

After considering various factors which affect its stock price, our analysis predicted that SNAP stock price will reach the highest value of $16.94 and also touch the lowest value of $10.11 in 2025.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2030

Till 2030, AR lenses will gain significant acceptance among the users becouse of its heavily invested in its technological segments by Snapchat.

This type of technological enhancement and new product work as a catalyst in growing its user base.

With a competitive advantage, Snapchat always remains the first preferred social media platform of most young users due to its latest and innovative features.

In 2030, the maximum circumstances can be fulfilled to move its stock price to a higher level of $27.80, and in the worst condition, its stock make a downward path which may stop at approximately the $21.66 mark.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2035

According to our stock price analysis of SNAP, its price will touch the targeted maximum value of $30.02 in 2035.

In the downfall condition, the stock price may reach the yearly minimum value of $25.74.

During this time period, artificial intelligence may have been introduced in the Snapchat platform, and this may attract a few investors.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2040

If the current time growth remains happened till 2040, then the user base of Snapchat will be growing in developing countries.

Wen internet speed going to increase, which enhances the use of smartphones in developing countries, then the social media craze will rise with high speed.

Numerous Wall Street analysts conducted in-depth projections of SNAP stock values for 2040. The highest and lowest predicted stock prices for Snapchat for this year are $47.31 and $40.10, respectively.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2045

Our analysis of Snapchat stock price prediction shows the maximum reachable value will be $79.47 in 2045, while if its price shows bearish trends, then its price may touch the lowest of $63.55 during the same year.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2050

If Snapchat withstands properly till 2050, then its stock price will make its early investors wealthy.

But with time, many features of Snapchat are replicated by various platforms of Meta, which impacts its uses base.

Our analysis shows positive growth in its stock price in 2050.

With the current growth rate, SNAP stock will cross the highest resistance mark of $108.25 in the price chart, and in a downward trend, its stock price may reach $91.02.

Its price may be expected to cross the highest predicted value if unique features are continuously introduced by the Snapchat app developers.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2055

According to our SNAP stock price analysis by AI base Deep Learning algorithm for 2055, its price may be expected to be $142.09 for the maximum forecasted value and $136.39 for the minimum forecasted value.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction 2060

Predicting the exact value of any stock after more than three decades is highly impossible, but AI-based algorithms make it easier.

In 2060, the stock price of Snapchat stock will easily cross the highest price of $176.29. While in the same year, its value may also expect some decline in its stock price and make an upward trend from the lowest value of $160.00.

Snapchat Stock Price Prediction YearMinimum Stock PriceMaximum Stock Price


What is the Snapchat stock price in 2028?

Its stock may fluctuate from $2 to $4 in 2028.

Final Words

In our analysis, the Snap Inc. company shows a financially strong company and showing considerable in terms of profitability and net revenue.

For more than one decade, this company has faced strong competition from various social platforms but remained in stable growth.

Investment in the SNAP stock would be a better option who can see positive growth potential in social tech companies.

Recently stock of Snapchat showed a downfall from its maximum value, which was more than $80 in 2021and this record may be expected to be broken very soon.

This Snapchat stock price analysis has been performed by using AI-based forecasting techniques and the study of great opinions of stock market experts.

If you have any queries related to the SNAP stock price prediction, please ask by using the comment section.

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